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Increase Your Appointments With Our Cold Calling Service

The difference with Digital Jockey Prospecting is our ability to connect humans to products and services better than those who have been trained in old school sales techniques or antiquated telemarketing methods. We have redefined and recreated the cold call service industry that was left for “dead or somehow people left to say traditional marketing.

Human-to-human lead generation is how we are redefining the term for telemarketing, cold calling, and appointment setting in the 21st Century. Let us reach out to your B2B prospects via our cold calling service to generate leads so you can build your business.

Advanced Inbound & Outbound Contact Center features that makes every communication better

Calling Module Includes

Click – to – Call
Call Recording, Voicemail,
Queue Manager
6 Call Queuing Methods

AutoDialers comers with

Intelligent IVR Solution comes with

Easy Lead Management Dashboard for

Retrieve Insight Analytics

Calling Module Includes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hosted Call Center

Virtual Call Center is a phone system that works virtually through the internet rather than through a traditional phone line.


How much does Hosted Call Center Cost?

With us, virtual Call Center solution comes on a one time fee with a monthly plan based on your selection.

How do i get Hosted Call Center System?

You can get a virtual PBX system quickly and easily with us. All of our international and virtual phone numbers come with virtual Call Center and a range of added features to help make business communications simple. You can browse our virtual number inventory to get started, our check out our pricing page to see our rates and packages.