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Streamline Business Communication with Leading IVR Service Provider

Telephony Xpress provides a professional IVR phone system to greet your callers and guide them to the right team based on the caller’s input.

What is an IVR Service?

An interactive voice response system (IVRS) is an automated voice bot that greets the callers and routes the calls based on the caller’s DTMF choice.

Handle a large number of calls by integrating your telephony with a cloud IVR System. Avoid setup costs of Gateways, Servers, and Network Infrastructure.


Cloud Telephony Features To Match Your Business Needs

Call Announcement

Greet your callers with custom announcements which you want your callers to listen anywhere in the Call Flow.

Multi-level IVR

You can configure multiple departments and sub-departments to server your business needs.


Call Recording

Every call gets recorded and available for auditing & training. Listen & download anytime.

Working Hours

Working Hours

Routes call to agents phones or voicemail based on time preference.

Custom Hold Tune

Play a customized corporate jingle or a pre-recorded voice to your callers while you keep them on Hold


Block unwanted caller to prioritize important callers.

Call Forwarding

Make your customers talk to right Agent by forwarding calls to Mobile & Landline phones.

Auto Reply SMS

Send Auto reply SMS to the callers to automate the physical tasks. Ex. Contacts, Plans, Bill Details.

Call Flow

Design Call Flow yourself with just a few clicks and change it whenever you require.

Call Events & Alerts

Setup alerts on call events like Agent missing a call, wrong DTMF input, Etc,.

Call Log

Check the call log to see who called when for what. Access recorded voice and notes for every call.

Text to Speech

Use Text-to-Speech to give your Announcements more professional touch. T2S engine supports both English & Hindi.

Sticky Agent

Sticky Agent helps callers to reach the same Agent every time they ring the business phone.


Enable only selected callers to reach you by using Whitelisting. Also, design a separate IVR menu for premium customers.


Integrate with you favorite apps like Slack, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Zapier, Freshdesk and many more.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Distribute your business calls based on business hours, a selected list, technical support level, IVR input, sticky agent and more.

Toll-free Numbers

Get the toll-free numbers of your choice from a pool of numbers.

Call Routing

Manage customer communication like a pro. Don’t let your customers reach you multiple times.

Hosted IVR Service Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IVR System?

An interactive voice response system (IVRS) is an automated bot that answers your phone call, asks you questions based on your enquiries, and responds to it using your keypad (DTMF).


How may types of IVR there?

IVRS is of two types. First, Single Level IVR directly connects to an agent or calls an API on a DTMF input. Second, Multi-Level IVR redirects the caller based on language, branch, and department.


What are the advantages of IVR System?

Send an mail to info [at] telephonyxpress.com for one-on-one sessions to understand and build a customised IVRS for your business.


Can I have inbound and outbound on the same DID/ Virtual number?

Yes, the platform enables incoming and outgoing calls on the same DID/ Virtual number allotted to you.

What types of IVR features do you offer?

We have a bundle of features that you will benefit from in your day-to-day business operations. All the features are listed above.


Can I monitor my agent performance?

Yes, detailed agent monitoring dashboards are available and complete access will be provided 

How will my data be secured?

The admin and agent access credentials are password protected and SSL encrypted.

How many channels would I need for the configuration?

An active channel is a live phone call, either an incoming call to an agent or an outbound call from an agent to a lead. SaleSquared offers a minimum of 5 channels, it can be increased up to 500 channels.