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Improve Results With Better Data

Every successful cold calling and lead generation strategy starts with a quality sales leads database. Telephony Xpress Prospecting uses a variety of sources, databases, tools and researchers to generate a custom leads list of your target client profiles. All of our marketing lists are manually checked to ensure that all criteria were met with the highest quality data.

In addition to sourcing quality sales leads, we also provide data cleansing services or we can enrich your current prospect list to provide phone numbers, emails, LinkedIn links or any other additional contact information you require. Our team of expert researchers can also source unique or more specific b2b contacts that are harder to find using traditional methods.

Advanced Inbound & Outbound Contact Center features that makes every communication better

Calling Module Includes

Click – to – Call
Call Recording, Voicemail,
Queue Manager
6 Call Queuing Methods

AutoDialers comers with

Intelligent IVR Solution comes with

Easy Lead Management Dashboard for

Retrieve Insight Analytics

Calling Module Includes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hosted PBX

Virtual PBX is a virtual Private Branch Exchange. Put simply, it is a phone system that works virtually through the internet rather than through a traditional phone line.


How much does Hosted PBX Cost?

With TollFreeForwarding.com, virtual PBX software comes free with all our virtual phone numbers.

How do i get Hosted PBX System?

You can get a virtual PBX system quickly and easily with TollFreeForwarding.com. All of our international and virtual phone numbers come with virtual PBX and a range of added features to help make business communications simple. You can browse our virtual number inventory to get started, our check out our pricing page to see our rates and packages.


What is the difference between virtual PBX and traditional PBX?

A traditional PBX system involves physical hardware, so it will need to be installed and set up on your business premises. It will also need to undergo regular maintenance, costing your business time and money. A virtual PBX system is instead hosted in the cloud – this means you don’t need any costly hardware or installation, and it can be set up almost instantly. You’re not tied to a phone line so you can forward calls to any location where you have an internet connection, giving you the flexibility you need to help your business thrive.