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What’s NEW in Cloud Contact Center Solution

Our solutions can be merged with our Cloud Contact Center for better functioning and call connectivity ratio. Automate business communication by merging Softphone Solution with Cloud Contact Center to transform your laptop into a phone & place calls via the internet even in low network coverage areas.

  • No dependency on traditional telephones or mobile handsets
  • No network dependence ensures fail-safe connectivity at all times
  • Remote Working and Collaboration are facilitated since there’s no dependence on traditional telephone systems/infrastructure
  • Maintain HD voice quality over the Internet & incur lower cost than conventional call operations on Mobiles/Landlines

Call Center Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use for manager and agents?

Agents will need a training and then they will be good to go.

How many campaigns I can have on the server.

No limitations on Campaigns, You can have as many as you want.


What kinds of campaigns are supported?

Vicidial supports inbound, outbound and blended campaigns.


Can I make new users, campaigns, DIDs myself?

Yes ! I usually create templates for everything that you will need on regular basis. that way you can simply copy it within 10 seconds.


Can I download call recordings?

Absolutely, You can access call recordings from the reports area and you can download it as well.


Types of Call Center Solutions

Cloud Based Call Center

The cloud contact center can be installed and operated from cloud, your server, your PBX as well as other tools like CRM will be hosted on cloud and all existing data can be transferred seamlessly as its deployed on cloud by the hosted service provider. It is enabled with inbound and outbound calls with advanced features like intelligent call routing, concurrent calls, multi-level IVR and much more.

when merged with Softphone solution, works best for the remote workforce and is economical at the same time. Businesses can increase their customer engagement channels with Softphone’s features like WebRTC & MPLS which works on laptops and do not require any telephone lines/mobile phones as it works via internet connection (with/without VPN access).


  • Scalable with only software upgrade & reduce cost without infusing any CapEx. Equipment Required
  • Agents can work from anywhere & anytime. Work from office.
  • Quick Customization of the solution based on needs.
  • Maintainance is on vendor as deployed on cloud. Collate all data on a single platform for ease of access.
  • Sustain unforeseen plight by enabling cloud-based solution.
  • In the cloud or data center, that allows businesses to work from anywhere.

On-Premise Contact Center

The On-Premise contact center need to have physical server, switchboards and telephones. You will also need to have a local technician to manage and troubleshoot any problems in your server and also configure all your devices with server.

  • Scalable with heavy cost on infrastructure upgrades & additional CapEx required for equipment
  • Not Flexible as agents can only work from office premises
  • No Customization Available
  • Maintenance is not incurred by the vendor. Collating all data in a singe platform is not possible.
  • No guarantee on future unforeseen plights.
  • On-site location making it difficult to work from anywhere.